■  Introduction

The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering (KSNVE) is a professional public organization under the Ministry of Environment that has been founded in July 1990. The main purpose of this institute is to fulfill the national desire of living in a better environment, promote Noise and Vibration both scholarly and technically, and enhance the level of science and technology. In this respect, KSNVE currently holds 3,092 regular members and 48 companies registered as corporate members.

Holding annual spring/fall conferences and several technical seminars, KSNVE executes technical guidance and investigation for a company, seminars and technical courses, policy consulting and proposal, establishing standards and so on. KSNVE also makes some technical publications, Journal of KSNVE (bimonthly), Transaction of KSNVE (monthly).

The work of KSNVE is being performed by its member-elected board of governors (President, Vice Presidents, Auditors, Directors(Managing Business, editorial, Academic)), council, editorial committee, division committee (Machinery, Transportation, Environment, Construction), and ISO technical committee. It also has a separate administration office.